During the last two months, 1933 Industries (OTCMKTS:TGIFF) has signed a number of deals aimed at taking it a step ahead of competition. Additionally, the company recently announced that Alternative Medicine Association (AMA), its subsidiary, is moving closer to relocating to a new facility.

At the moment, the new facility is in the penultimate phase of completion after which AMA will receive a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO). As per the announcement, the facility will be operationally ready in 3 to 4 weeks after receipt of the TCO. The Certificate of Occupancy will be available after state and county authorities finalize the inspection approvals.

The new facilities to ramp up production of cannabis flower

For starters, 1933 Industries specializes in production of concentrates and cannabis flower. Also, the company manufactures wellness products using CBD derived from hemp. Since the US legalized the cultivation and processing of the crop, the company is working extra hours to exploit the opportunity. Therefore, moving into the new facility will ensure that there is enough capacity to meet the ballooning demand for CBD-based wellness products.

In addition to AMA moving to new facilities, the subsidiary entered a co-branding partnership with OG DNA Genetics, Inc. Notably, the agreement will see AMA “cultivate, manufacture, sell and distribute co-branded cannabis products.” Essentially, AMA will exploit the DNA brand to launch itself in the State of Nevada market. The partnership will run exclusively for two years from when it becomes active.

1933 Industries on the path to market dominance

On the other hand, DNA will provide expertise that will facilitate the development of cannabis genetics. This is includes facilitation of the whole process from breeding of the crops to processing. Through the expertise, DNA hopes to help AMA achieve a consistent phenotype strain that will enable the partners to produce cannabis flower that is of high quality.

Additionally, 1933 Industries said in a statement that it will close the purchasing deal for Infused MFG to make it an absolute subsidiary. Initially, the firm had purchased only 91% of the total share. As per the statement, the company will fork out $1.25 million CAD to complete the deal. Ultimately, the company will be right on the path to market dominance.