Additional Illnesses Added To Permit To Use Medical Marijuana

39A Cedar Falls mother whose 3-year-old son has intractable epilepsy said she’s lost a part of her son to the multiple medications he’s taking. “This is more than just make it so that he doesn’t have seizures anymore. It want him back. I want him to thrive and live and enjoy us and if a plant can do that then why do we object?” said Brienna Decker.

Those approved by a doctor could then purchase marijuana products produced in Iowa at state-run dispensaries. This newer version of the bill calls for the licensing of four Iowa-based medical cannabis manufacturers and 12 dispensaries, meaning patients would have access to cannabis oil here in Iowa.

The Senate Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday afternoon approved a bill that would make medical marijuana available to people with a number of chronic diseases, including cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and epilepsy.

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