Alaska Cannabis Club Plans To Open Dispensary On Legalization Day

Medical_MarijuanaCome Feb. 24, “this is the place to get your weed,” said club owner Charlo Greene, whose legal name is Charlene Egbe. Greene gained notoriety after quitting her job as a reporter on-air and revealing herself as the owner of the cannabis club.  This can be very dangerous both for Greene and for the community.

Green still faces a lot of charges including eviction and having a dispensary in this part of Alaska can be a dangerous plan, according to some concerned citizens.

The club moved back to its original location on Gambell Street in downtown Anchorage in mid-January, after being evicted from its clubhouse due to lack of insurance. The current clubhouse, a gray, unmarked building, looks like a small home from the outside.

Inside, the living and dining room have been converted into a lounge. On the far wall, a glass case displays pipes, edibles and a spice rack filled with bottles of different cannabis strains. A bedroom in the back has been converted into a small classroom where the club plans to hold educational seminars.

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