Alternative Fuels Americas (AFAI)

afa-logoAlternative Fuels Americas, Inc. (AFAI) is a company that focuses on identifying and entering early-stage business opportunities that mark a significant change in the status quo from which to extract value for their shareholders. The alternative fuels division of the company has pioneered the development of Central America’s above-ground oil fields, and constantly seeks to develop innovative clean fuel. The company’s first area of focus is on biofuels, with recent focus on aviation fuel.

As AFAI maintains and grows their biofuels company, they also launched their subsidiary, Marijuana Holding Americas, Inc. (MJAI),   to serve as the company’s vehicle for engaging in activities in the industry of legal marijuana, such as growing marijuana primarily for medicinal uses. AFIA utilizes the experienced they gained from more than two decades of creating value and developing and growing businesses to become a distinctive player in the legal cannabis industry in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America.

Alternative Fuels Americas, Inc. seeks to obtain licenses for marijuana cultivation and retail for medical and recreational use in compliance with local laws and regulations. The company intends to begin license process in states that have established legal marijuana markets, and those that are implementing new laws. In addition, AFAI will select states where marijuana is yet legalized, but have the potential to enact laws in the future.  The company is also looking into engaging in ancillary and support services, like acquiring plant warehouses and commercial retail property.

Founded in 2005, Alternative Fuels Americas, Inc. is traded in the OTC markets under the stock symbol AFAI. The company is committed to pursuing every viable opportunity that will bring value to their shareholders, and is proud for being at the forefront of emerging industries. AFAI is dedicated to learning, perfecting their operations, and establishing a successful company that innovates new approaches and general profits.

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