Colorado’s Experience With Legal Pot Holds Lessons For Washington

The woman who buzzed me in checked my driver’s license to be sure that I’m over 21, then sent me through another secured door to view the merchandise: Loose marijuana buds sold for $50 for 1/8 ounce. A pre-rolled joint was $18. A single caramel candy was $15 the clerk said it contained enough cannabis to get two or three people high. Those prices, which include taxes, are more than marijuana currently costs in the Vancouver-Portland area, where an eighth of an ounce typically sells for $25 to $40, according to and other websites.

State regulators in Washington are capping taxes at $6 per gram, or $42 in taxes for an eighth of an ounce, suggesting that legal pot could cost as much as twice the current black-market rate when stores open in Vancouver. Next to me at the marijuana store in Colorado, a 50-something woman with platinum blond hair and an expensive-looking suit peppered the clerk with questions.

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