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In regard to all advertising featured company’s news and filings issued by the companies: Forward-looking statements provide a Company’s current expectations or forecasts of future events. These may include statements regarding anticipated progress on research programs, development of potential products and services, commentary related to a Company’s cash position or cash needs, interpretation of progress related to the Company’s business strategy, prospects for regulatory approval, manufacturing development and capabilities, market prospects for products, sales and earnings guidance, and other statements regarding matters that are not historical facts. You may identify some of these forward-looking statements by the use of words in the statements such as ‘anticipate,’ ‘estimate,’ ‘expect,’ ‘project,’ ‘intend,’ ‘plan,’ ‘believe’ or other words and terms of similar meaning.
MarijuanaStocksReport.com owns no shares in any Featured Company and currently only one company (Global Hemp Group Inc.) has compensated us $300USD to be on our site for the rest of 2018.

As more companies pay to be profiled on our site, we will update this disclaimer as needed.