Election To Influence Legal Marijuana Market’s Future

Today’s election will not only decide which party controls Congress and the future of President Obama’s agenda, but also the prospects for Americas legal marijuana industry and the growing impact it has on employment, tax revenues, the stock market and even the 2016 Presidential Election.

Scott Greiper and Michael Swartz of Viridian Capital & Research, a business advisory and investment banking firm focused on the legal marijuana market will be available today to discuss the four marijuana measures on the ballot. Viridian will release analysis of election results and their specific impact on the cannabis sector in a report Wednesday morning; Greiper and Swartz will be available to comment on that report Wednesday.

Alaska, Oregon, and the District of Columbia will be voting today on the legalization of recreational marijuana, while Florida may become the first southern state to permit the use of medical marijuana. If successful, these elections could build momentum for legalization in other states and move the issue onto the 2016 presidential election agenda.

Topics for discussion today include: Differences among the four major marijuana measures being voted on today: recreational marijuana in Oregon, Alaska and Washington, DC, and the legalization of medical marijuana in Florida; Challenges raised by the measures, such as a potential pot tax battle between Oregon and Washington State, and the involvement of Congress (and potentially a more conservative Congress) in reviewing and approving the new DC law, if passed; Impacts on stock market prices for the growing number of public companies serving the marijuana market, whose valuations exhibited increased volatility leading up to and beyond the 2012 elections, when Colorado and Washington approved recreational marijuana; and Momentum of marijuana legalization across the United States if the marijuana measures pass today.

This could lead up to a dozen states to move to legalize some form of marijuana by 2016 and place the issue on the agenda for the 2016 presidential election. For interviews today on the impact of the election on the legal marijuana market and/or to obtain tomorrow mornings detailed summary of marijuana election results and their impact, please contact Michael Swartz at mswartz(at)viridiancr(dot)com or call (212) 333-0257.

To read more, visit http://www.prweb.com/releases/ViridianMarijuanaVote/ElectionsCannabisImpact/prweb12300637.htm

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