Leaf Holdings Ltd (OTCMKTS:GLDFF)
introduced cannabis-infused chews (Chalice
Farms Line) in Nevada. The company also entered a pact to acquire Las Vegas-based Iconic Planet 13 Cannabis Entertainment Complex. It has invited the public and media for the inaugural event and to sample and buy Chalice Farms Chews. The venue features elegant house music and masquerade theme to captivate the visitors.

to delivering good quality products

Chief Executive Officer of Golden Leaf, Jeff Yapp, said the main aim of the Chalice Farms Brand is to deliver handcrafted and high-quality products to satisfy theconsumers yearning.

Ingredients in cannabis-infused chews

The main ingredients in Chalice Farms chews are elderberry, goji berry, maca root, passion fruit, chamomile, acai berry, and natural fruit puree flavor.

Unveils Chalice TV

Golden Leaf has introduced Chalice TV that includes carefully curated content to educate the consumers about health benefits and all other aspects of cannabis.

Golden Leaf Appoints Chief Peoples

Golden Leaf has appointed Jane Sullivan as Chief Peoples Officer. She will report to Jeff and responsible for the execution and development of global people strategy.