I Went To A Colorado Marijuana Dispensary & It Felt Just Like Visiting A Wine Store

Weed dispensary entrance

We decided to visit the Alpine Wellness dispensary , possibly for its scenic and spa-like name. It was up a flight of stairs inside one of those little shopping plazas, and in fact shared its space with a masseuse. From the outside it was barely distinguishable from a day spa or doctor’s office. A bearded man in a bright yellow shirt and red hat was perched at the front desk and enthusiastically waved us inside.

Smiling broadly, he apologetically asked us for ID (even from my 60-something father). Marijuana is legal, but, like with alcohol, you have to be 21 to purchase any. Looking our IDs over, he told us to sit tight until the salesperson finished up with other customers, so we hung around in a sort of sterile waiting room.

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