In Sacramento, Businessmen Learn How To Capitalize On Marijuana

But not everyone is on board the cannabis train.

“We don’t need any more stoned people, workers and teachers and drivers and students,” said Carla Lowe of Carmichael, the founder of Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana. “We don’t need more kids dropping out of school.”

That potential includes everything from cannabis-based herbal oils to marijuana edibles, which are legal under California’s medicinal marijuana law.

“I noticed there’s a big market right now for marijuana healing as far as cancer patients,” said Colby Rennison, a participant at the cannabis seminar. It cost $300 to attend the seminar in Sacramento — and participants could also shell out as much as $500 for consulting help in setting up their own marijuana-based business. Organizers touted the growing economic impact.

“It’s tens of thousands of jobs,” Bedore said.

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