Kona Gold Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:KGKG) is a company that deals in the manufacture of a wide range of hemp lifestyle brands. The business guru is serious on its quest to extend its popular hemp energy drink product line. The company says that there is currently a new distributor in Massachusetts.

A close outlook

Analysts applauded the company for the initiative to move into Massachusetts where it secured the partner and that was in Marston Mills. Reports indicate that the Marston Mills distributor will undertake the distribution of this company’s HighDrate CBD Energy Waters. Asides from, it will also distribute the company’s Gold Hemp Energy Drinks.

Kona Gold recently applauded its San Diego distribution partner for its great role in marketing its Hemp Energy Drinks to about 30 retailers. This distribution partner accomplished that in a matter of about 30 days from the point it obtained the product.

The company says that it has plans underway to start producing the premium product in some new, slim line 12 oz. printed cans. This is a move that will help the company meet  its high customer demand. The consumers of the product will get to enjoy its great taste as well as benefit from caffeine and organic hemp protein.

Clark’s perspective

Kona Gold Solutions, Inc’s CEO Robert Clark is quite impressed with the sustained growth they continue witnessing as they progress. It was recently that it signed five new distributors in a bid to give a major boost to its sales.

Clark opined, “The move to our new, larger corporate headquarters couldn’t have come at a better time as we are about to place large product orders to fulfill the demand from our distribution and retail partners.”

The official says they intend to soon formulate new hemp infused energy drinks that will have little levels of caffeine and more organic hemp.

The other thing is the recent move by the company to move into a distribution agreement with Liquid Culture Enterprises. Liquid Culture will assist with the distribution of HighDrate CBD Energy Waters and the Kona Gold Hemp Energy Drinks.