Kona Gold Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:KGKG) closed the year 2018 on a positive note after securing distribution deals with Carolina Coastal Beverage and Milestone Beverage.

The CBD and hemp lifestyle brand revealed that it signed key distribution deals with Milestone Beverage and Carolina Coastal Beverage. The announcement highlights the company’s continued expansion in the Southeast United States region. The two distribution companies represent a strategic move for Kona Gold because they encompass more than 16 South Carolina counties.

“Milestone Beverage and Carolina Coastal Beverage gives Kona Gold two more strategic distribution partners,” stated Chris Selinger, Kona Gold’s VP of Sales.

Kona Gold wants to leverage Milestone Beverage AND Carolina Coastal’s strategic networks

Both Carolina Coastal Beverage and Milestone Beverage will distribute Kona Gold’s HighDrate CBD Energy Waters and Kona Gold Hemp Energy Drinks. Selinger pointed out that the distribution territories of the two distribution companies will provide Kona Gold with significant exposure. He also noted that Milestone Beverage supplies products to more than 9,000 specialty outlets and convenience stores within their distribution radius.

Selinger believes that HighDrate CBD and Kona Gold Hemp Energy Drinks will be noteworthy additions to Milestone’s current product lineup. Meanwhile, Carolina Coastal caters to Myrtle Beach which is one of the largest tourist markets in the country. This puts Kona Gold at an advantageous position as far as exposure is concerned.

Kona Gold expects significant growth in 2019

Kona Gold anticipates its 2019 revenue figure to be anywhere between $1.5 -$2 million. This projection takes into account the firm’s current distribution channels as well as grocery chain deals, c-store chains deals, new distribution partners, product line extension and new products.

The company has also been working on an exciting sponsorship for 2019 as part of its growth strategy. Kona Gold has also added new talent to its workforce including d Michelle Motta who is the company’s new Accountant Administrator and Jazmin Gonzalez who is the new Office Manager. The firm expects to continue hemp and CBD revenue sales records and to tap into more growth in 2019. Kona Gold is optimistic that its product distribution deals will help facilitate those goals.