Legal Medical Marijuana for Kids? Should This Be Approved?

imageFigi, specifically, is talking about an oil derived from “Charlotte’s Web”—a strain of cannabis that saved her daughter, Charlotte, and now bears her name. Unlike common strains of marijuana, Charlotte’s Web contains very little (less than .3 percent) THC—the psychoactive substance that brings about marijuana’s distinctive high.

Instead, the plant produces a higher concentration of cannabidiol (hereafter referred to as CBD), a chemical that has shown promise treating the most debilitating epilepsy in children. Charlotte, who has Dravet syndrome—a form of epilepsy with no cure—was suffering through 300 seizures a week before her treatment with the CBD-laden oil. Now, her mom says, it’s just two per month.

Most parents will react negatively when somebody will tell them that medical marijuana will be available for kids, legally.  But, for those parents whose children have disorders like epilepsy, they would give out a different reaction and this would be good news for them.

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