Legalized Marijuana Won’t Save Indian Reservations | New York Post

According to the National Endowment for Financial Education, about 70% of those incurring a financial windfall lose that money within a few years. There is apparently something about earning money that makes people less willing to blow it. Seneca brand cigarettes are for sale at a smoke shop on the Tonawanda Seneca Nation in N.Y.Photo: AP As of 2013, the percentage of people living below the poverty line on the Cattaraugus territory (one of the Seneca territories) in Erie County was 23%. More than 60% of children under 18 are living with a single parent, according to the Census Bureau. Drug and alcohol abuse is rampant. According to one official, Elders are being abused by their grandsons to support whatever habit they have. We have a lot of break-ins. The results have been similar across the country. Deron Marquez, who served as chairman of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians in Southern California from 1999 through 2006, tells me that the upside of his tribes bingo parlor is obvious. The tribe has more money to spend on health care, education and housing.

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