ManifestSeven Is Here To Streamline The Highly Fragmented California Cannabis Market

ManifestSeven Is Here To Streamline The Highly Fragmented California Cannabis Market

With less than one month left in 2019, the cannabis sector has become a major talking point as investors are looking to discover companies that are positioned for growth in 2020 and beyond.

ManifestSeven (M7): A Pre-IPO Opportunity to be Aware of

Earlier this month, we published an update on ManifestSeven (M7) ahead of a planned public listing and this is an opportunity that meets the criteria we are looking for with a pre-IPO company. Since 2014, M7 has been highly focused on the California cannabis market and we are bullish on the strategy to execute on this burgeoning opportunity.

M7 represents a differentiated growth story and the management team has been focused on executing on a strategy that will bring the business on a path to profitability. The company does not touch the cannabis plant and represents an ancillary opportunity. We are favorable on the structure of the operation and how the business will be ready to capitalize on the plant-touching side of the industry once cannabis is legalized at the federal level in the US.

Owns an Umbrella of High-Growth Ancillary Cannabis Companies

One of the reasons we are bullish on M7 is due to the experience of the management team and the amount of due diligence that was conducted prior to acquisitions. The company started out as a venture investment firm known as MJIC, and evaluated hundreds of cannabis and ancillary companies to potentially invest in. This amount of experience puts M7 in a league of its own and we want to highlight the assets that fall under the operation:

  • MDelivers: A leading delivery service in California with a customer base of 30,000+ that opens up both the northern and southern California market
  • MyJane: The company provides a curated service by women, for women, that operates on a subscription basis
  • 1-800-CANNABIS: The operation serves as both M7’s phone and online gateways into its retail experience
  • Haven (formerly ShowGrow: The dispensary was acquired in August and represents the first dispensary in the companies B2C strategy.

When looking at the assets that fall under the M7 umbrella, there is a lot to be excited about and we are favorable on the amount of value and the synergies that can be found between these assets. These businesses represent the cornerstone of M7’s seamless retail channel (e-commerce, delivery and subscription) and have played a key role in the execution of the company’s vision of creating a one-stop shop for all products and services. Going forward we are bullish on the growth prospects associated with the M7 operation and we expect to see the company continue to growth through inorganic and organic growth initiates.


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Published at Wed, 04 Dec 2019 12:43:10 +0000

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