Marijuana Is For Profit And Not For Fun

Lately, these names and others have fallen on harder times, highlighting the risk and volatility inherent in the play. The Marijuana Index, which tracks the performance of 36 cannabis-related names in the U.S., has a 52-week low of about 0.66 and a 52-week high of nearly 69.8, representing a top-to-bottom gain of roughly 10,500%, but in the last month it has plummeted 72% to 19.46.

Let’s be blunt: This is a highly speculative trade that will result in huge losses for careless and uninformed investors. Many of the companies in the space won’t make it as going concerns and shares in those that do are expected to trade sporadically on news about the industry and their earnings prospects come to light. But the potential risks don’t stop there.

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