Marijuana Stocks Newsletter – February 15, 2019

Marijuana Stocks Newsletter – February 15, 2019

Strong MJ Earnings Could Turn Attention To Healthcare’s Impact!
One company is taking full advantage of a major need in the cross over between cannabis and healthcare, which could potentially provide a massive opportunity for investors!
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Marijuana Stock Investors Continue to Watch for Bullish Trends
The marijuana industry over the course of the past year has seen a large amount of publicity over the fast-paced market structure. Because of the updates to legislation and the changing nationwide and worldwide stance on the substance, it seems as though cannabis finally has the green light.
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The Marijuana Stock Craze is Just Getting Started
The marijuana stock market has been making headlines for some time now. As so many new laws come into place and the ecosystem surrounding cannabis becomes more friendly to investors, it seems as though the uptick in those choosing to put money into marijuana is well on its way.
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It’s Been Called a “Game Changer”, It’s Been Called “Priceline Of Pot”
Here’s how one company could be stacking the deck for major market penetration in 2019!
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