There’s (Big) Money In Medical Marijuana(?)

marijuana-leaf-e1379917504150.jpgPotential revenue could shift either way based on what types of diseases are covered by medical marijuana. Supporters say hundreds of millions of dollars could be at stake. Drug Free America reminded the group that when pot is legalized as medicine, its not all profit.

“In the state of Colorado, the marijuana enforcement division spends about 9.5 million dollars a year to include 35 FTEs on managing their program”, said Alan Suskey.

But Jeff Sharkey with the medical marijuana business association says expanding medical marijuana could more than pay for itself. It would potentially pay for any type of ancillary programs people would request. Drug education for kids, education program in terms of the medical benefits of this that I think would be necessarily required, he said.

Florida passed a low-THC medical marijuana law last year. Economists put the revenue generated from the very specific form at around $6 million dollars for the state. Wednesdays meeting was the first of three.

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