NTRR Says U.S. Cannabis Market Growth Continues

imageThis is a market with a huge amount of growth still to come, Brown said. We expect that keeping up with demand will be a challenge, particularly as new regulations are instituted concerning the use of potentially harmful chemicals in the industry. Illinois is only the latest state of many to authorize cannabis cultivation.

Many others appear poised to allow the growing of the medicinal herb for medical and recreational use, said NTRR (Neutra Corp.) CEO Chris Brown. Alongside its joint venture partner, Surface to Air Solutions (S2O2), NTRR is marketing a suite of horticultural products carefully engineered to keep plants, surfaces and air inside growing facilities free from mold, microbes, fungus and other adulterants without the use of potentially harmful chemicals.

To read more visit http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20150721005577/en/NTRR-U.S.-Cannabis-Market-Growth-Continues-Illinois

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