The Dark Side Of The Marijuana Boom Is Penny Stocks

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All the tricks are the same, he says. The recently created marijuana board on Orens site contains pages of such discussions, including a challenge to turn $100 into $100,000 in 10 months. FusionPharm is currently or has been involved in 13 different promotions, seven of them paid for by an undisclosed or third party, according to StockPromoters .

“All of these campaigns, the end goal is always the same”, Hamilton claims, “for insiders and promoters to dump their shares while investors buy. Aside from helping companies abide by the SEC’s trading rules, her firm handles lawsuits for financial whistleblowers. In fact, shes involved in ongoing litigation against a marijuana penny-stock company, although she couldn’t comment further.”

In such a speculative and potentially dubious market, some companies are going to extra lengths to convince investors of their bona fides. Tranzbyte (ERBB), known as American Green since May, is one.

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