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medicalmarijuanastocks PHOT Suspended by SEC   Sell Your Marijuana Stocks (While You Still Can) That is to say: Even if theyre not scams, they are insanely overvalued. PHOT has too little revenue to justify its $400 million market cap. That is a huge red flag that something is off. And its not just true for PHOT stock; its the case for all these names. Companies like Growlife with little or no revenue, zero profits and extremely suspect growth prospects are not worth tens of million or hundreds of millions of dollars. At least not based on the information made available to investors. Capitalism and the stock market do not work that way. That means even that if theyre honest, PHOT, MJNA, CBIS, CANV, MWIP, GRNH you name it are going to crash and burn at some point. Its also critical to remember that PHOT isnt the first marijuana stock to come under regulatory scrutiny. Advanced Cannabis ( CANN ) just resumed trading after an SEC halt and immediately plunged 40%.

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