Plandai Biotechnology Inc (OTCMKTS:PLPL) focuses on the production of a wide range of extracts for treatment purposes. These particular extracts happen to be quite rich in phytonutrient and play a crucial role treating acute diseases and conditions. The company closely monitors all aspects of production. It was today that the business guru showcased its interest in the U.S Poultry Market.

The state of affairs

This company thinks highly about its SORBEO™ proprietary PREMIX .According to the business guru, this product goes at rather affordable rates. It is the ideal choice for customers requiring cost effective formulations. It hopes the U.S citizens get to benefit and appreciate the product a great deal.

Reports indicate that currently the United States runs the biggest broiler chicken industry globally. They also indicate that way back in 2017 it exported almost 16.5 percent to countries around the globe.

Market observers expressed great satisfaction with the 2017 business performance terming it an outstanding one. The producers took to the market about 9 billion broiler chickens which is a remarkable performance. They achieved a live weight of almost 55 billion pounds which indicates the steps made so far.

The turn of events

It is not easy managing to sell about 41 billion pounds of chicken product and this indicates great progress. Americans are without doubt the major chicken consumers from around the globe. The United States citizens prefer the consumption of this protein to the rest.

There are several broiler companies in the U.S and these include the Koch Foods Inc, Perdue Farms Inc and Sanderson Farms Inc. The others are the Pilgrim’s Pride Corp and the Tyson Foods Inc. The above stipulated companies last year managed to produce a huge percentage ready-to-cook (RTC) chicken in the U.S. That was almost 60 percent.

WATT Global Media is the body that produced these figures. These business giants managed to accumulate about $28.1 billion  in terms of the accumulated revenues. They outlined that on a weekly basis they hit the target of about 493.21 million pounds.

Reports show that about 25,000 family farmers embrace business alliances with these companies. So far they have agreed to get into contracts with them and believe it is for the best.