Cannabis Breathalizers Will Be Used By Police And Even Employers

While the emergence of an appropriately designed screening mechanism for law enforcement and workplace testing would be great news for licensed producers who can be assured of ready end-markets, like MMPR-licensed producers in Canada, Tweed, Inc. ( TWMJF ) (TSX-V:TWD) and Bedrocan Cannabis Corp. (OTC:BNRDF) (TSX-V:BED), the benefits to accelerating positive cannabis legislation could be even more attractive.

Roadside blood draws by law enforcement and other invasive methods of screening for THC intoxication, like zero-tolerance urine testing at the workplace, are increasingly impractical as medical and even recreational cannabis gain ground throughout North America. The Cannabix Breathalyzer system could be highly effective in combating marijuana abuse and making the workplace, as well as roadways, safer.

The very existence of such a device in widespread usage essentially demands of users that they consume responsibly or face appropriately meted out testing and prosecution/punishment. For more information on Cannabix Technologies visit:

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