President Donald Trump Has Said That He Supports The Legalization Of Medical Use Of Marijuana On A Federal Level, While Recreational Legalization Should Be Decided By State Governments.

And the stock, which is already up more than 15.3% this year, will likely skyrocket even further . Of course, investors may be concerned about what effect the Trump administration will have on medical marijuana stocks such as GW Pharmaceuticals or rival Insys Therapeutics. The answer is probably not much. President Donald Trump has said that he supports the legalization of medical use of marijuana on a federal level, while recreational legalization should be decided by state governments. And Medical marijuana though on Wednesday night, the famously anti-pot Jeff Sessions was confirmed as attorney general, he has said that he will stay on the same page with Trump. Still, the marijuana train has already left the station and is picking up steam. In just 21 years, the percentage of Americans in favor of widespread legalization has jumped to more than 60% from 25%. And an estimated 85% of Americans wish to see the plant legalized for medical use. Widespread legalization isn’t a question of if but when. But if investing in cannabis-derived drug therapies seems too risky, there are appealing alternatives at mainstream technology companies. For instance, Microsoft has partnered with a California start-up to develop software that facilitates the regulation of both medicinal and recreational pot.

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