Reliq Health Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:RQHTF) has signed an accord with Rockhill, South Carolina based CareOneTeam to expedite onboarding of patients. It allows the company to provide Implementation Support services to the customers and improve onboarding of patients going forward.

It will provide a new revenue stream for the Reliq Health Technologies and also offers a value addition for the customers.

Chief Executive Officer of Reliq Health Technologies, Dr. Lisa Crossley expressed happiness in selecting CareOneTeam as its implementation partner. CareOneTeam will provide a team of highly talented professionals to work with the US customers of Reliq Health Technologies on supporting the patients and device implementation.

The company recently announced the supply of hardware to solve the shortage of preferred monitoring devices for the Texas customers. The alliance with CareOneTeam helps the company to provide implementation support services for those clients and also to the customers across the US in the near future. Reliq Health Technologies will ensure availability of preferred hardware for the clients to improve patient onboarding.

The company maintains the guidance for 2018 despite a delay for a brief period in signing the new contracts/ patient onboarding caused due to the temporary shortage of hardware.

Chief Executive Officer and President of CareOneTeam, John Byars said the company has a team of healthcare professionals including care coordinators, nurses, clinical pharmacists, and patient advocates working with caregivers and physicians for coordination of optimal care.

He also expressed happiness to work with the customers of Reliq Health Technologies (RHT) and RHT for the iUGO Care solution implementation. The company also shares the passion of RHT to patient care in rural and remote communities. The customers of Reliq Health Technologies include Paz Home Health LLC.

Paz Home Health LLC Achieves Superior HealthPlan Approved Provider status

Paz Home Health LLC is grateful to Reliq Health Technologies for its iUGO Care remote patient monitoring program for achieving a Superior HealthPlan Approved Provider status.

Reliq Health Technologies Inc Enrolls 5,000 New Patients in iUGO Care Remote Patient Monitoring Program

Reliq Health Technologies Inc has announced that Texas-based six primary practices will enroll up to 5,000 patients in its iUGO Care remote patient monitoring platform. The company is expected to deliver the preferred monitoring devices to the customers in the next few weeks.