It was today that ROCKY Mtn High (OTCMKTS:RMHB) disclosed that the Texas retail market had been served with the  Company’s Eagle Spirit Spring Water.

The Director of Marketing for Rocky Mountain High Brands Michelle Krebsbach opined, “With the Direct to Consumer model at the core of our strategy for marketing and sales efforts, we needed to bring in some heavy hitters in this field. Defining and connecting with our target consumers online is our first step to creating a loyal customer.”

A close outlook into the matter

It is expected that the digital marketing and social media partners will play a significant role in the entire process, more so when it gets to taking advantage of the ‘best practices’ in the undertaking of steps such as customer identification, retention, conversion and education. Krebsbach thinks it is a good thing having the portfolio of national and international clients citing that Tandem Theory andGiovanni Gallucci understood absolutely everything regarding what it took to get the wide range of products successfully sold on the online platform.

He adds that their category is exploding as he asserts that there is great need to stay ahead of the curve and the leader in innovation and growth. It goes without saying that the social media and as well as the digital marketing partners have a huge role to play.

Major developments

The President and CEO of Rocky Mountain High Brands Michael Welch in a recent interview outlined that they had reviewed everything the company’s social media and digital marketing partners had accomplished so far and found it rather satisfactory. The review had been undertaken over a period of one month.

The optimization of the company’s website is a move that has been praised by market observers from around the globe who believe it is a move towards the right direction.

The other challenging bit has been the one to do with the building out as well as the proper defining of the company’s consumer personas and this has apparently been gotten right this time around.

The other important bit has been about the creation of content for the paid ad campaigns and that has also been conducted in the best way possible.