Short PBS Film Series Highlights Injustice Of Cannabis Prosecution

By Iris Dorbian

As more states continue to legalize, the legal cannabis industry is projected to net $80 billion dollars in annual sales by 2030, according to a short film slated to begin airing tonight on PBS. However, there’s a disturbing dichotomy that belies this rosy estimate. Thanks to outdated laws, 40,000 people are currently languishing in prison for non-violent cannabis offenses.

Entitled “Spotlight On: Last Prisoner Project,” the four-minute video highlights the injustice of cannabis prosecution. Notably featured in this specific film is the work of The Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit focused on cannabis criminal justice reform. Presented by The Beehouse Justice Initiative, a New York City organization dedicated to healing “some of the harms caused by disparate enforcement of cannabis prohibition” and video production company Matador Content, the film is narrated by Chris Rock and directed by Ezra Paek.

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