The Findings May Surprise You Regarding Medical Marijuana

This study may surprise you Investigators from the Conference of Quebec University Health Centers studied 786 Inuit adults age 18 to 74 from the Arctic region and analyzed if there was a correlation between persons who use marijuana and those who didn’t as it relates to body mass index (BMI) and insulin levels. Now the common correlation is that marijuana gives individuals “the munchies,” and as such the expected findings would be that marijuana users have a higher BMI and higher fasting insulin levels.

But, the results of researchers’ cross-sectional adult survey was far from what you’d expect. As the study data showed, regular cannabis users had a BMI of 26.8 compared to non-users which had a BMI of 28.6, after researchers controlled for age, gender, and other important factors. But, the observed benefits transcended just users’ BMI. Marijuana users in the study also had lower fasting insulin and lower HOMA-IR, which is a measure of insulin resistance.

Not coincidentally, GW Pharmaceuticals is currently studying GWP42004 as a treatment for type 2 diabetes. GWP42004 features the tetrahydrocannabivarin, or THCV, cannabinoid, and demonstrated a statistically significant reduction in fasting plasma glucose levels and improved beta-cell function in a previous phase 2a study.

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