The Midwest Cannabis Industry Is A-Boomin

The Midwest Cannabis Industry Is A-Boomin

When people think of the US cannabis industry, California and Colorado are two of the first markets that come to mind. These were some of the first states to legalize recreational cannabis and they received significant media attention as a result of it.

During the last year, a few additional states have jumped on the recreational cannabis bandwagon and this is a trend that we are excited about. The Midwest has been a hotbed of activity for the US recreational cannabis industry which has come as a surprise to many. Of these markets, we are most excited about the opportunity in markets such as Illinois and Michigan and are impressed with the initial numbers coming out of these markets.

According to a news report, the state of Michigan generated $8.2 million of revenue from the sale of cannabis (between December 1st and January 5th) from 26 retailers, six growers and a handful of processors, transporters and labs. Illinois has put up more impressive numbers and has reported to have generated approx. $20 million of revenue in the first 12 days.

Published at Thu, 23 Jan 2020 12:14:24 +0000

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