Unique Growing Solutions, Inc. (ALNE)

UGS_headerUnique Growing Solutions, Inc. is the former Alternative Energy & Environmental Solutions, Inc. It is a leasing, consulting and sales company offering turnkey solutions to the industry of natural or organic food, including the rapidly-growing cannabis sector.

The company developed its proprietary EnviroPod, a high-yielding, high-tech growing environment that incorporates a cutting-edge innovative hydroponic cultivation system with state-of-the art lighting. The innovative EnviroPod also comes with ancillary horticulture support apparatus.

The EnviroPod is a high-quality steel shipping container converted into a fully sustainable grow center for plants and vegetables. Unique Growing Solutions, Inc. offers the EnviroPods to small businesses and individual plant growers either for sale or for long-term or short-term leases. These grow containers provide a comprehensive growth environment for growers to help them maximize the quantity and quality of their crops’ output.

Unique Growing Solutions, Inc. seeks to provide plant growers with high-quality grow environment, the same way office buildings provide executive suites to the corporate community. Individual grow operators and businesses may lease or purchase a turnkey growing environment for their plant growing operations. High-technology EnviroPods allow skilled and knowledgeable grow operators to start their businesses without the high start-up costs.

Unique Growing Solutions, Inc. features the Enviro-Lease program that only requires grow operators to sign a simple lease of the custom facility, or a production sharing contract. The company will then provide the facility and equipment the clients need to start with their grow operation, including the Greenhouse or EnviroPod Hydroponic System. The company will tailor their program to suit the clients’ particular growing needs.

Unique Growing Solutions, Inc. is traded in the OTC markets under the ticker symbol ALNE. The company focuses primarily on the sales and leasing operations within the greenhouse agricultural industry, which includes the legal marijuana sector.  Unique Growing Solutions, Inc. also plans to launch their proprietary food and beverage brands to leverage their innovative growing systems.

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